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Portal Vrisak.info BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA / Široki Brijeg
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What do our users say?

"In the sea of webhosting offers, "WMD" is a lighthouse wich points the way into a safe business. Professional approach to clients, 24 hours availability, courtesy, good services, efficiency in solving problems that arise, web site is easy to browse, rich with content and addapted to all our clients profiles, i hope you will keep the image that adorns you. ”
Anton Kovaljesko  -  www.koval.hr
"We are cooperating with WMD for more than five years and only thing we can say is the following: If you want to cooperate with a serious and professional company that is available virtually 24 hours then the WMD is probably the only correct choice. They replied unrealisticaly quick to all our requests, regardless of the area of cooperation, they take care of our website as if it was their own,... Regardless of having an excellent and fast CMS, we decided to switch our most demanding web project "Pearls - Touch of Croatia" that has more than 5000 pages and 4000 photos to WMD CMS system. I believe it speaks for itself. We thank the whole WMD team for the cooperation.”
Marinko Tvrtković  -  www.med-marketing.hr
"We highly recommend WMD to everyone. For each request, to us, our associates, and our customers, they responded quickly, clearly and accurately, and at the end, they created Web jumbo billboard and granted it to us for being their user. They also made targeted entry into search engines. Bravo WMD for this unique way of digital marketing.”
Stefania Skender  -  www.pametanrast.hr
"I really like and appreciate your work and effort, you have great offers and actions, you are versatile and you constantly worry about your clients. Customer support is in the full sense of the word and is available at any time of day or night. Server is phenomenally fast, and Web billboard great! Each new cooperation with you is a pleasant surprise and cheers me up. I would recommend WMD to everyone. ”
Kristina Štrkalj  -  www.rasvjeta-mea-futura.com
"Dear Sirs! Congratulations on your idea and the realization of Jumbo billboards. Unique ...”
Ivan Špoljarić  -  www.helcos.hr
"I have no words, congratulations, I'm pleasantly surprised. Nice and lovely.”
Drago Radić  -  www.buzdo.com
"We are very pleased with the new look of Jumbo billboard.”
Kristian Sobol  -  www.sobol-nekretnine.hr
"Thank you. Everything seems great, much better than before.”
Saša A.  -  www.suveniri.com.hr
"We are completely satisfied with the new look of Jumbo billboard.”
Darido d.o.o.  -  www.darido.hr
"Thank you for the excellent design of the billboard.”
Barbara Tepeš  -  www.nb-tepes.hr
Vedran Višnjević  -  www.alan.hr
"I like the web Jumbo billboard!”
Mario Valentić  -  www.mariovalentic.com
"Thank you. Billboard looks great :)”
Invictum J.D.O.O.  -  www.inra.com.hr
"It's great. Thank you.”
LAIKA studio  -  www.izrada-weba.com
"Billboard looks great, very professional. Thank you!”
Ideje & Projekti d.o.o.  -  www.idejeiprojekti.hr
""When someone asks me, is there anything faster than light, I'll tell him: THERE IS, WMD :)!”
Zoran Vrhovski, VTSBJ.  -  www.vtsbj.hr


Goal of billboards advertising or Web jumbo billboards is to be listed at the top of every search while using internet search engines, or to have higher visibility on the internet.


Unlimited number of Jumbo billboards for each city for only 200 €+VAT. Advertise your company for atleast 5, 10 or more years. Unique web advertising at super low prices.


By renting web Jumbo billboards, while advertising your company, you are also improving your visibility on the internet.

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